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  • With fossil fuels quickly depleting, it is crucial for all to live more sustainably, waste less, and recycle more.  When we built the new Brick Oven Pizzeria our vision was to consciously design a site that was energy efficient.  At the same time we wanted the Brick Oven to be an exciting place to gather and to cultivate community while enjoying food and spirits in an attractive mountain atmosphere.

  • We placed the building on our space in a way that would retain historic trees and left open view corridors of the Mountains from Elk Avenue.  To meet our environmentally advanced goals we included such features as heat recovery from our refrigerators to aid snow melt and heat the gazebo area and used eco-paint which gives off fewer toxins.  Our large south-facing windows create passive solar heat.  Even our beer system is designed in a low-waste manner.

  • We recycle glass, tin and cardboard.  Our fryer grease is used as bio-fuel.  Our napkins and paper towels are made from post-consumer materials, unbleached when possible, and we use eco-corn plastic containers.  If you want plastic utensils at the Brick Oven you must request them as we prefer reusable ones.

  • Whenever possible, we use local Colorado produce.  The staff is encouraged to walk or bike to work, as we do.  All of these measures carry on the tradition of the Brick Oven as part of our community, acting locally for global concerns.  Join us and enjoy yourselves here in Crested Butte!-Dan & Brian