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“After 26 years of exploring, creating, and drinking beers, I realized I wanted a real IPA that worked with my real, everyday life,” says Adam Avery, founder of Avery Brewing. As a climber, cyclist, landlocked surfer, and brew master, Adam wanted to design a Hazy IPA that fit effortlessly into his outgoing, no-compromise lifestyle.


At 100 calories, 3.5 carbs, and 4.5% ABV, Pacer IPA sports a winning aromatic hop character that today’s craft beer drinker will appreciate. In addition to traditional malted barley, Avery’s brewers incorporate wheat and oats for fuller body, as well as an abundance of southern hemisphere hops. Contemporary dry-hopping techniques help Pacer IPA achieve the big, juicy, and fruity aromas and flavors that we know and love inbig IPAs.